Hi, I am Shubham Marathe and steverox.com is my personal blog. As the name suggests, I have chosen this domain name in the memories of Steve Jobs as I think he is a symbol of Creative Entrepreneurship.

Professionally I am Stock Trader and Entrepreneur. I run Shubham Marathe Group – Family owned conglomerate with diversified interests. As making Money is my hobby but, I also like creative things to do in my pass time.

I live in Maharashtra, India. I belong to a Marathi Indian family. I like Marathi culture and food. And, here in India we have many blossom cultural festivals. That’s why I always feel Proud to be an Indian.

People think that I always talks about Business and Money Making but that’s not correct. I am artistic to and I can talk about culture, nature and so many things. That’s why I made this blog.

So, here I am sharing my experience, thoughts and various subjects I like. So, wish me good luck that I could bring my thoughts up to you.

Thank You friends, for visiting this blog!

Wish you Happy Journey ahead in the life!